Featured Services Packages

Featured Services Packages *All new clients have a $99 one time setup fee.

2 Social Media Pages

This includes Facebook and your choice of Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin and Instagram. We will upload logos, and create images and your initial post. Most importantly this will include up to 4 key words of your choosing to optimize!

Google +

We will create your Google Plus page for you. We will up load any logos and content you want. We will custom create your profile with relevant pictures and content. We will also include a Gmail account with user name and password. Google+ can connect to YouTube and Google Maps.

Social Following

Your choice of any 2 below:


~500+ Facebook Likes
~2000+ Twitter Followers
~500+ Instagram Followers
~500+ Google+ Followers
~1500 YouTube Views
~500 YouTube Subscribers

YouTube Chanel

We will create a custom YouTube channel with SEO in mind. This is a great way to advertise and create customer loyalty. If a picture is worth a thousand words….how much is a video worth? Ask about custom designing your very own commercial.

All The Above No Set Up Fee!

$395~ Get all four of the $99 Promotions from above and we will also waive the $99 Setup Fee and include 2 more “Social Following” items!

($198 Savings)

Advanced Marketing

$495~ Get all 4 from above and your choice of 2 addidtional Social Media Networks (Excluding Craigslist) and Your choice of any 6 of the “Social Following” items. $99 Set Up Fee Waived.

($297 Savings)

Go Pro!

$695~ Get all 4 of the above promotions plus 4 additional Social Networks, No set up fee, and any 10 of our “Social Following” items. That’s 8 Social Networks in Total! 6 Social Media Optimization key words will be included as a bonus!

($405 in savings plus bonus)

Monthly Upkeep

Talk to one of our agent about our social media upkeep plans. These are all unique and we will give you a free quote after you speak with one of our agents! Plans start as low as $49 per month!

Local SEO

This is a personalized program unique to each client. Speak with an agent today and discuss the possiblities. Getting your company in the “Local Search” is super important. Prices start as low as $199

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